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Dariush Zandi

Dariush Zandi brings 45 years of design, planning, art, photography, and traveling experience to the Middle East. Drawing from a geographically and culturally diverse background, Zandi has made contributions to major design and planning disciplines including parks and recreational facilities, historic restorations, and environmental conservation projects.


Zandi completed his education in architecture, urban design, film and photography in the United States, where he started his professional career in 1972, associating with names such as Claude Samton & Partners, as well as Andrew McNair and Peter Eisenman of the Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies.


He was introduced to projects in Dubai through Jordanian firm Jafar Tukan and Partners, and moved there in the early 1980s, where he spent 14 years working as a Senior Architect and Town Planner for the Dubai Municipality. He continues to work on architectural and urban design projects on a freelance basis as part of the entity he founded, Total Design.

Dariush Zandi, alongside a group of close friends and colleagues developed the first art institute in Dubai in the early 1980's, Dubai Art Center. While programming for design and architecture classes; he established the photography wing there, organizing lectures, exhibitions, and field trips. This led up to establishing his other entity, Total Arts, in the early 1990s, one of the first dedicated spaces for art and photography in Dubai. It has been active since then, hosting numerous exhibitions and art events.

An accomplished photographer, Zandi's photos can be found in corporate collections and international advertising campaigns. He has also published multiple books and collaborated on many others.

To learn more about Dariush Zandi's professional career, please click the button below to view his resume.


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